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Virtual Name Draw - Free Online Secret Santa Game
About Virtual Name Draw - Free Secret Santa Game / Gift Exchange Game
Virtual Name Draw is the fast, easy and free Secret Santa game! Here is how our virtual name drawing game works.

How Virtual Name Draw Works
One virtual name drawing game administrator goes to and enters in their name and e-mail address, plus the names and e-mail addresses of all of the Secret Santa gift exchange game participants. Should the administrator wish to participate in the Secret Santa game, he or she re-enters their name and e-mail address in the list of participants. The administrator can choose whether or not they see who draws whose name in the Secret Santa drawing, or if it is a complete secret.

Once the Secret Santa game administrator enters all of the names and e-mail addresses, the Secret Santa gift exchange game participants will receive an e-mail from Virtual Name Draw. The e-mail will contain a link for them to play the game. Once they click the link, a virtual hand will appear and draw a name from the list of Secret Santa game participants. They can either choose to keep the name, or return it to the hat and try again. Once the participant accepts the name that they have drawn, that name disappears from the virtual hat for other participants. An e-mail will be sent to the participant showing the name they drew for future reference.

Throughout the virtual name draw game, the gift exchange game's administrator receives e-mail notifications when someone has drawn a name so that they can monitor the game.

The Virtual Name Draw Secret Santa gift exchange game is always free, and always fun. Use it as many times as you like, and tell your friends!

Virtual Name Draw is brought to you by the creative minds at Brave New Markets where we are fanatically focused on marketing results...and fun stuff like Secret Santa online gift exchange games. Hey, with all of the results number crunching we do all day, we need it!

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